Biodynamic Cosmic Rhythm Wheel

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This wheel organizes several different planetary rhythms into a workable format that enables the user to dial in current conditions and read how the rotation of the elements is influencing plants.

Hold the two outer discs with one hand and rotate the inner disc until the current season is at the 6PM position on a clock face. For example, dial in Spring. In Spring the element of water is active and the mineral lime is a dominant gesture in the assimilation of what has been broken down in the Winter. The inner wheel in Spring gives us a seasonal task of soil preparation and germination. Next hold the inner wheel in place and dial in the middle disc, Moon phase.

Looking at the opposite side of the wheel we find Autumn, Dark Moon and Libra/flower and the poem reads fire, lime, harvest, make compost, drying, fixing substance, soil, roots vital and again make compost.

This sequence of words suggests quite other activities and forces available for working with plants. Certainly compost making, harvesting and drying herbs and roots, so that medicinal substances are fixed.

Returning to the Spring side, dial in 3rd Quarter and Virgo/root. The poem suggests water and germinating forces would be in balance as plants consolidate substances during a time of strong ripening/ferments good for making sauerkraut or wine.

Opposite Spring, the Autumn gives a picture of fire forces in a harvest mode with balance in the 1st Quarter as new growth will be starting and the Pisces/leaf indication is for cutting brush as new growth starts. Cutting brush then will take from the brush roots the vitality present in the plants in the 1st quarter.

The advantage of the wheel form is that it enables the user to compare the present conditions with just the opposite conditions in order to stimulate the imagination towards more effective agricultural practices.

The final level of the wheels are the colored arrows leading to moon runs high and moon runs low indications. The arrows point out the direction that vitality is moving during the solar year and also during the month as the Moon follows the solar path in its monthly rhythm. Moon running high helps vitality ascend towards the tips. The Moon running low and vitality descends towards the root.