School of Soil, Soul and Spirit

Over the last 50 years, Dennis has been observing, studying, experimenting, and meditating on the forces of the natural world and the role of the human in it. Using symbols, patterns, and rhythms to see past the surface into the living processes that guide life, Dennis is building bridges between the ancient alchemists and modern science and medicine.

In the process, he has written, recorded, saved, and shared an extensive library of books, articles, essays, lectures, mandalas, diagrams, and images. Over the last few years, in collaboration with his son Ben Klocek, he has been organizing, rewriting and clarifying this body of work into the School of Soil, Soul, and Spirit.

It's organized around 6 areas, with subtle seasonal rhythms running throughout the work.

In each area of study, Dennis has written a set of articles that describe the foundational principles all the other work builds from. Further essays, articles, videos, and downloadable lectures are available to understand how the principles may be applied.


Below is a set of videos that guide you through the fundamental principles that run through all the work. Taking some time to watch at least the first few videos will greatly enhance the value you get from everything else.