Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics

Published: April 10, 2013

ISBN: 158420141X

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Dennis Klocek explores the essence of biodynamic agriculture, in particular the nature of inner development needed to utilize such methods effectively. He tells us that biodynamics requires constant self-development and an intimate knowledge of and relationship with the plants, animals, weather, earth, the preparations and much more.

Based on numerous lectures presented to serious biodynamic gardeners, farmers, and winemakers, the author presents his views within a structure of Goethean observation, alchemical language, and the classic four elements, all based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and other pioneers in this field, as well as his own many years of interest in biodynamic methods, both conceptual and practical.

This is not a book of recipes and how-to techniques, but a guidebook to the inner means of working with the elemental nature of the earth, showing ways to read in nature what is needed.

Includes more than 150 photos and illustrations.

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Many people who encounter the concepts of Biodynamics for the first time feel that they are entering an alternative worldview regarding agricultural practices. A bewildering array of terms like etheric realm, cosmic force, living warmth or horn manure can make a person turn away from a remarkable source of insights into the secrets of soil, plant and animal relationships. This is a great shame since once understood, these terms accurately illuminate the most puzzling paradoxes of contemporary soil and plant sciences. The merging of contemporary natural science with the spiritual insights arising out of Rudolf Steiner’s clairvoyant capacities adds a tremendous creative power to work on the land and research into the subtler influences at work in the natural order. The basis for much of the power comes from a root of alchemical imaginations that inspired Steiner to his seminal Biodynamic work, the Agriculture Course.

Dennis Klocek a life long Biodynamic gardener, alchemist and climate researcher has given many lectures that aim to bring contemporary science into line with the more arcane aspects of Biodynamic theory and practice.

A new book celebrates the  Rosicrucian alchemical roots of Biodynamics with transcriptions of twenty of the clearest and most critical lectures Dennis Klocek has given over the past seven years to audiences in many areas of the country.

If you are in the market for deepening your esoteric insights into Biodynamic practices in a practical and approachable way please consider getting a copy of Biodynamics; An Alchemical Path.