Esoteric Physiology: Consciousness and Disease

Published: September 16, 2016

ISBN: 978-1584201922

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“In healing processes or in the general growth of the body, the formation of bone or the formation of a tissue from a fluid is a sclerotic process. We can call it the formation of tissue from fluid growth, but technically it is sclerotic. Sclerosis, which is considered to be a disease process, is therefore a natural process in the body. Inflammation and infection that can kill you and sclerosis are both the body’s natural healing processes. Steiner mentions this and asks, So, where does the illness come in? This is a really a very good question. The answer he gives is this: Illness is not in the body and its life forces. Illness is in the thoughts we bring to the body and the life forces. Illness is in the soul.”

Dennis Klocek makes this statement at the outset of this book to begin his theme of “consciousness and disease.” He approaches virtually every aspect of the human bodies―the physical structures, forces, and processes; the soul’s feeling life of desires and aversions and its role as mediator between our physical body and “I”; and the power of spirit and human “I”-being in illness and health.

Each chapter is at once specific and encompassing as he takes the reader on a journey through the deeper realities of being human, exploring both material and spiritual science and connecting them to paint a picture of how and why we suffer illnesses and enjoy health.

C O N T E N T S:

1. Inflammation, Sclerosis, and the Human “I”
2. Catabolism, Anabolism, and the Life Forces
3. Secretion, Excretion, and the Circulatory System
4. Nutrition and Consciousness
5. Glands and the Heart
6. Nerve and Blood
7. Esoteric Embryo
8. The Senses and the Life Body
9. Digestion and Emotional Life
10. The Neurology of Imagination
11. Emotions and the Will
12. Remedies and Dysfunctions