Knowledge, Teaching and the Death of the Mysterious

Published: January 12, 2000

ISBN: 0945803540

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Thoughts on keeping learning alive

Six lectures given at the West Coast Waldorf Teachers Conference February 20-24, 2000:

  • Introduction to Child Development
  • The Young Child from Birth to Seven
  • The Child from Seven to Fourteen
  • The Adolescent from Fourteen to Twenty-one
  • Adult Education
  • Development of the Heart-eye

Mr. Klocek’s lectures address five different learning periods, with illustrations from physiology and psychology, to form pictures of the teaching/learning tasks and concerns appropriate for each age group. Contemporary education often attempts to “solve” the mysterious aspects of nature through proper application of information. This tends to make awe and wonder diminish in the soul of the student. In contrast to this, the Waldorf methodology is designed to help students penetrate the mysteries of life while still keeping the experience of the mysterious intact. The primary focus of this work is to integrate sense experience and cognitive insights in rhythmic ways that are appropriate to the age and development skills of the students.