Weather and Cosmos

Published: June 12, 2001

ISBN: 0945803052

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It is hoped that this small book will be a contribution towards the opening of a dialogue for the purpose of studying the ways in which nature and the cosmos interact. It is my firm belief that science must once more be wedded to the arts. So, it is not ultimately for meteorologists that this work was undertaken, but for farmers and artists who feel a sense of awe when looking at storm clouds or a ring around the moon. Ultimately, it was written for the teachers of children and all who stand in awe of the living miracle of the rain and snow and who are the priests celebrating the life of the mother Earth.


  1. The Clouds
  2. Harbingers
  3. The Elements
  4. The Winds
  5. Weather Mysteries
  6. The Weather Organism
  7. Tracking Storms
  8. Another Perspective on Weather Anomalies
  9. Ingress Influences in Astroclimatology
  10. An Astroclimatological Nomograph
    Epilogue. Weather: Cosmos or Chaos?