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Trust in Life

By Dennis Klocek | May 15, 2024

A great force in the human soul is the capacity to trust. This capacity is abundant in children. It arises out of the tremendous forces of life that pour into the embryo and then into the growing child. At the age of 21 the growth forces that form the life organs have completed their task…

Heart-Gemuet – Arms of the Heart

By Dennis Klocek | May 14, 2024

If we want to work with the idea of transforming the soul forces, one of the most potent areas for inner work is the region of the heart chakra. It is good to state right away that the heart chakra is not the actual physical heart. The chakra is a little more in the center…

Conflict and the Examined Life

By Dennis Klocek | May 14, 2024

In ancient times philosophers never considered their own soul life as existing separately from the world. It was widely believed that the personal will of a soul had a weak but perceptible effect on the way that the world unfolded. The weak effect became perceptible only if a soul took up the spiritual practice of…

Why use oils on the body

By Dennis Klocek | May 2, 2024

Since the most ancient times, the application of fragrant oils to the body has provided a special and harmonizing experience. From the language of anointing in the ancient texts to the current research in essential oils the recognition that a unique dimension is offered to humans in the application of fragrant oils to different areas…

Gem Spray Lettuce Trial

By Dennis Klocek | April 16, 2024

Dennis presents an experiment involving a spray made of crushed gems and fulvic acid applied to lettuce plants to encourage the formation of heads. The experiment compares the sprayed lettuces to the control group and evaluates the effectiveness of the gem spray in creating balanced and substantial lettuce heads. The results indicate that the gem…

Technology and Moral Development : A Cautionary Tale

By Dennis Klocek | March 26, 2024

The pursuit of free energy has been a drive in human beings for millennia. The poet Goethe wrote a poem entitled The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [since made into a Disney movie] to describe the issues brought to bear by this innate human drive. In the poem an apprentice to a sorcerer is tasked with drawing water…

Sacred Agriculture – Spanish Translation Book Launch


With the launch of a spanish translation of his 2013 book, Sacred Agriculture, Dennis shares what motivates him to do biodynamic research, what the future holds for biodynamic research, and how the consciousness of the practitioner is important for biodynamics to bridge the gap to mainstream science.

Alchemy of Biodynamics

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This free presentation is a chance for you to learn first hand how alchemical principles have informed Dennis’ deep insights in the development of new biodynamic preparations, the importance of timing and rhythm in agriculture, and the role of the practitioner’s inner development on the effectiveness of the biodynamic method.

Living earth : Living climate

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In this lecture Dennis uses the two polar principles of form and function to illustrate ways to imagine the Earth as a living being in contrast to seeing Earth as simply a resource. The elements (earth, water, air, fire) and their dynamics give birth to the four life forces (cold, wet, hot, dry). Reciprocations between…

Developing Living Picture Thinking: Sensation, Perception, Intention

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Explore the phenomenological approach to science and develop practices for seeing into the open secret.