Friday Jan 27 - Saturday Jan 28, 2023

At beautiful Frey Vineyards
14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley, Ca 95470

(Meals provided all day Saturday)

For the past several years with the guidance and encouragement of my son Ben I have been engaged in a thorough update of my website. Through grants made available by Coros Institute we have been able to collaborate on a new section called Soil, Soul and Spirit. This offering brings together many threads of my research over the past thirty years.

It has been very inspirational to me to be able to continue my educational career with recent online webinars on soul-to-soul communication. At the same time in my daily rounds in my garden I have gradually formulated a unique approach to the cultivation and enhancement of medicinal plants. This approach, based on the solar length of day, involves fermentation of greenwood shoots of many different plants in order to harvest their unique seasonal hormonal profiles.

Hormones are seasonally active in greenwood shoots. Five major hormones are universally the same in all plants but their activity is specific to various species according to the solar length of day at particular times in the year. After many trials, the application of selected greenwood ferments can now form the basis for a rational spray program to enhance medicinal properties in cultivated plants. In addition, the results of twenty years of research into micro-gem applications of foliar sprays for fruit and flower production has been wedded to the greenwood spray experiments with some very encouraging results.

In late January 2023 there will be a two day face to face invitation only workshop at Luke Frey’s farm near Ukiah, California. The intent is to invite those who are actively engaged in growing medicinal plants to share space with persons who are actively involved in the healing arts and in education. Presentations on greenwood selection and fermentation as well as demonstrations of selection, equipment and techniques for ultra-fine semi-precious gem grinding and filtering will be given. The presentations will focus on best practices. A closing communal dinner will evolve from a presentation by Luke Frey on high level farm to fork food production and processing. The intent is to raise a collaborative consciousness of the links between the natural order in minerals and plants and their mirroring in health, education and healing potentials for humans.

This workshop itself will form an introduction to three online courses given over the next few years. One will be on the theory and production of plant and mineral analogs. Another will focus on the alchemical basis of temperaments and health. A third will extensively cover the application of combinations of micro-gems and essential oils for the purpose of ritually exploring human biography with others. We are sending you this special invitation to save the date. If you are interested, please register early since space is limited.

Event Details


  • Friday
    • 7-8:30 pm What is an analog? by Dennis
  • Saturday
    • 7-8:30 am Biodynamic Breakfast
    • 9-10 am Imagining plant analogs with Dennis
    • 10:30-12 Building mineral/plant analogs with Dennis
    • Lunch
    • Farm to Fork with Luke Frey
    • Gem Session
    • 5-7 pm Community Dinner

Conference Fee (Register below)


Registration includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments on Saturday made from biodynamic and local ingredients.

Amounts above $150 can be considered a donation for scholarships: receipt is available upon request.


From Hwy 101 (north of Ukiah, just north of Hwy 20) take the “West Road” Redwood Valley Exit. At the top of the ramp turn east onto West Road. Follow for about 4 miles. At the “T” turn left onto Tomki Road. Follow for 1.9 miles. The entrance to the Frey Vineyard is on the left.

Map Link: 14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley, Ca 95470


Suggested hotels

  • The Discovery Inn, Ukiah 707-462-8873
  • Holiday Inn Express, Ukiah 707-462-5745
  • Motel Six, Ukiah 707-468-5404

Greenwood Gathering Registration

Includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday. Amounts above $150 can be considered a donation for scholarships: receipt is available upon request. Please email [email protected] if you need a scholarship.

Dennis Klocek, MFA, is Co-founder of the Coros Institute and founder of Consciousness Studies at Rudolf Steiner College. He is the author of many books including the newly released, Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. Dennis is known as an international lecturer.

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