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May 12, 2023
By joe.couling 1 min read

Hello friends of Soil, Soul and Spirit,

I’m writing today to let you know of a few new things up at soilsoulandspirit.com.

First is a new free lecture called Living earth : Living climate. Dennis helps us understand the earth as living being by relating climate to the human being through esoteric wisdom. Elemental dynamics drive all life, from the micro to the macro. Complex dynamics allow living beings to develop consciousness. When we can see the soul and spirit of the earth as a living being, we can be good stewards for the future. (Don’t miss looking at the slides while you listen, they can be found in the handout.)

Second, we held a small gathering in January that brought together those who are actively engaged in growing medicinal plants with those actively involved in the healing arts and in education. At the “Greenwood Gathering“, Dennis gave presentations on using gems and plants with particular gestures of “becoming,” to create sprays to enhance the growing of medicinal plants and making medicines that match the “becoming” of chronic illnesses for healing them with gentle remedies with no side-effects. 

Video and charts available at Gems and Plants for Healing Chronic Illness – Greenwood Gathering

Finally, I wanted to give a heads up for an exciting announcement. A generous donor has allowed me and my team to prepare a 40th anniversary republishing of Dennis’ long out-of-print first book, A Biodynamic Book of Moons. It is now available along with a free download of the first chapter. If you have even a passing interest in Biodynamics, it’s worth a read. It’s full of amazing insights, and hints at much of the work Dennis has given us in the subsequent 40 years. I’m so excited to make this treasure available again. 

Ben Klocek

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