Principles of BD Preps 2009

Principles of the Biodynamic Preparations

Lecture by Dennis Klocek
January 2009, Frey Vineyards, CA
Related to Biodynamics, Mineral and Plant Alchemy
Type: Audio, Podcast | Posted Feb 8, 2009
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  • Lecture 1
    This lecture addresses the polarities of the major plant nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and calcium and their roles in plant dynamics. Topics include, polarities of center and periphery, oak bark preparation, the activity of potash, phosphorus and calcium, availability and non availability of minerals, enzyme reactions, alchemical sulfur pole, sulfur and phosphorus, nitrogen as mercury, salt pole, potash and calcium, levity rhythm, and periphery.
  • Lecture 2
    This lecture addresses the role of the aster family of plants in the Biodynamic preparations, the relationship between the forms of plants and animals, and planetary retrograde loops. Topics include, the language of form of the receptacles of plants, form and process expressed through rhythm, polarity and enhancement, life gesture in plants, synergy, dandelion prep, Jupiter retrograde looping, the infinitely distant.
  • Lecture 3
    This lecture addresses the activity of the chamomile preparation, the dandelion preparation and the yarrow preparation. Topics include, proof in science, un-measurable life forces, mercury gesture, mesentery and intestine, yarrow and the stag bladder, the flowering plane, planar forces, potash and sulfur, Venus loop, deer reproductive rhythms, nature imaginations.
  • Lecture 4
    This lecture addresses the relationship between valerian, amethyst and the activity of the planet Saturn in the context of plant organs. Topics include, amethyst ferments, Saturn gesture of plants, projective geometry exercise of vertical and horizontal planes, amethyst as Saturn gesture of inner space, plant gestures after amethyst spray, Q and A.
  • Lecture 5
    Lecture to BDANC: Human soul and clay. This lecture addresses the role of the human interaction with nature as an image of the role of clay in the mineral world. Body, soul and spirit as archetype, the fall into matter, consciousness of matter, soul life and transcendence, consciousness of the operator, pottery clay and amphoteric substances, metals as consciousness of perception, granite as quartz, mica and feldspar, mica and clay, the role of surfaces in nature, weathering processes in minerals, clay and humus, Candlemas and clay singing ritual.

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Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at

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