To Every Season Turn, Turn

Lecture by Dennis Klocek
April 2010, Sophia’s Garden, Petaluma, CA
Related to Biodynamics
Type: Audio, Podcast | Posted Apr 10, 2010
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In To Every Season, Turn, Turn, Dennis presents a complete overview of working with the cycle of the year in the horticultural realm. The lecture cycle serves as both an introduction to this important subject as well as an appraisal of the vast scope for future research. 

Though aimed primarily at gardeners with examples given from the garden, what comes forward in this lecture cycle is a picture of a whole new direction in science, a direction where rhythm and quality takes precedence over the legacy science of number and quantity. What emerges from this insight is a deep exposition of how the timing and rhythm inherent in our interactions with the natural realm can enhance certain patterns and activities or subdue others. 

The impression that takes shape in the imagination during Dennis’s presentation is of nature’s dynamic wholeness. When nature is comprehended as one whole, it becomes self-evidently true that the subtlest event can have consequences across all the kingdoms of nature as it reverberates throughout the web of life forces in the etheric field. 

As such, anyone working with natural processes unfolding in time will find much to direct future work here, be they gardener, wine-maker, brewer, cook, beekeeper, natural medicine maker or alchemist. 

Part I: Germination and Growth (Spring)

Agricultural practices like cultivation, sowing and transplanting disturb the soil and fix into it elemental qualities that mirror the passage of the moon through the zodiac. These elemental qualities then unfold in the growth patterns of a plant during the growing season. The rising tide of life forces in Spring is linked in a unique way to lunar rhythms around the time of the equinox. This first of two workshops will address these critical patterns of early spring, highlighting optimum times for working with plants.

  • Lecture 1 – Spring
    Equilibrium field, symmetry, syzygy, synergy, wave properties, solstice, equinox, growth cycles, ash cycle, spirit germ, annual plants, Christian and pagan year
  • Lecture 2 – Spring
    Moon runs high and low, analog year, star moon, sun rhythm, moon phase, trine moon, pruning rhythms, mildew spray, fruiting strategy, solar plant gesture, bed prep, pricking out, root crops
  • Lecture 3 – Spring
    Plant as earth/water/air/fire, repeating rhythms, ferments and life gestures, sowing roots, spraying for mildew, moon phases, rhythm and substance

Part II: Flowering and Fruiting (Fall)

Working with fundamental lunar rhythms while cultivating, spraying and harvesting enables the practitioner to enter more directly into the flowering and fruiting processes of the plant. This can greatly enhance the keeping qualities of produce and the potency of herbs, and prove highly effective in post harvest operations such as fermentation and seed gathering. This workshop completes the work with the planting calendar through studying the elemental patterns of the moon during harvest season.

  • Lecture 4 – Fall
    elemental beings, importance of rhythm, solar declination, equinox and solstice influences, sun rhythms in plants
  • Lecture 5 – Fall
    lunar declination, powdery mildew strategies, plant evolution, equisetum morphology, sowing roots, three moon rhythms, cultivation practices
  • Lecture 6 – Fall
    sidereal moon, bed preparation with sidereal moon, growing roots, growing squash, pricking out and transplanting, harvest herbs, fall bed prep strategies, harvest fruits, overwinter

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Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at soilsoulandspirit.com.

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