Tots, Tweens, Teens and Screens: Supporting Healthy Child Development in a Screenwise Way

Lecture by Ben Klocek
November 2021, Online
Related to Education, Soul Health
Type: Video | Posted Nov 30, 2023

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A presentation for teachers & parents to explore how screen technology supports and interferes in child development and what we can do to help our children thrive in a digitally-focused world.

Explore how our brains and their development reveal a clear picture about the appropriate timing for screen use. This allows our children to develop their full potential and ensures they will be competent citizens of the world.

Ends with section on forming healthy tech habits for you and your children.



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Comments from attendees

I really appreciate your mission, message, presence, warmth and expertise. These ideas helped me understand my children in a whole new way.

– Kerin (Lagunitas Waldorf)

Thank you! It is important to face and create healthy solutions and dialog about media in our school that is informative, supportive and not shaming. You have helped us begin that.

– Sarah (Sebastopol Charter)

Thank you so much. You presentation was relevant and interesting. Excellent!

– Steve (Golden Bridges, San Francisco)

Thank you! Very inspiring, I am looking forward to having tech-free days.

– Joyce (Sacramento Waldorf)

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Ben Klocek, web designer, teacher, and Sacramento Waldorf School alumni, has worked in tech for over 20 years and has been studying how our use of screen technology affects our lives. He teaches technology and woodworking in a Public Waldorf charter school. He is the father of two, ages 12 and 15, and is an avid naturalist, artist, and gardener.

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