Protection from Dark Thoughts

July 25, 2011
By Dennis Klocek 5 min read

By the power of the Christ
All curses whether ancient, hidden or repeated
Are found, bound and defeated
And must leave me now

To be: Revealed by the Light
To be: Absolved by the Truth
To be: Returned to the Source

From this time forward!
Right now! 

So be it!
It is so!
Let it be done!

Thank You

Protective mantra from alchemical roots

This verse coming from alchemical sources, affirms that the principle of Christ as the Lord of Karma rules the world and that goodness is stronger than evil. There is no danger to bringing such protective thoughts to mind as often as needed. As Goethe put it we can sometimes be sorry guests on this dark Earth. However, it seems that if the suffering is brought on by one's own ignorance there is a seeming justification for having to face adversity. It is when the suffering is the result of dark thoughts and deeds from another person that the suffering is compounded by indignation on one side and fear on the other. The oscillation between the two psychic states is a great cause of illness.

Some people today have the experience that as they begin to open up to spiritual issues they suddenly become aware that the threshold is a reality and that there is really a continuity of consciousness that extends from this world to the next. It may be that this kind of awakening results in distinct feelings of being approached or violated by disembodied beings. It could also be the case that upon a degree of awakening we become aware of dark thoughts and intentions being sent towards our being by other people. In the language of old this was known as cursing. The impulse is to counter-attack or confront the one who is cursing us with our own dark intentions. This attitude can turn into a psychic war that results in very stressful situations and mental states. The issue is, do we need to consciously engage some other entity who we feel is acting unlawfully towards us from  out of, or through the other side of the threshold? I think not. At least until we are strong enough in ourselves to hygienically pray for the other. This kind of hygienic prayer is a strong healing force but it takes great inner dexterity and awareness to work with it in a healing and balanced way when we feel we are under attack. Hygienic prayer is subtle and can reverse on the prayerful person in a heartbeat. It then turns into a form of cursing.

It is important in these situations to realize that the alleged cursing can be totally unconscious on the part of the other. It may simply be that the other person is obsessing on dark thoughts about us. We pick these up in our own soul as we become more open and “porous” to the spiritual world. At such times it is beneficial to pray for the person we feel is obsessing. Much good can come out of such a practice. 

Protection from Conscious Dark Thoughts

It may be however, that the obsessive dark thoughts directed towards us are being done consciously by another, then the cursing becomes the psychic equivalent of poison. Such a condition often generates unfounded fear in the soul of the person being cursed. In cases where we fear that someone is consciously directing bad intentions towards us in a systematic way, the repetition of a verse that can be quickly brought to mind is very productive when we feel fear arising in the soul. At such times it is very difficult to call up any authentic feelings about sending prayers for our enemies into the spiritual world. When we are afraid it is very difficult to pray for that which is the source of our fear. At such times the single minded repetition of a memorized protection verse is useful. Such a practice does not allow another thought to enter the mind while it is engaged in the motions of the soul that the verse signifies. 

The alchemical verse given at the beginning of this article is designed to be a cascade of thinking, feeling and willing. The first sentences of each section refer to thinking / resolving darkness in the light / and the finding of the curse in the ancient and karmic darkness of misunderstanding. This accent on the light is the first motif in each section. 

The motifs of the second section focus on feeling / absolving wrongs in the truth, and the protective feelings of having bound and circumscribed the darkness. This second motif addresses the hidden feelings being aroused by the issue of the cursing. The third motif addresses the will/the willful returning the curse to the infinite source of the eternal all / and the defeating of the curse whether it is old, hidden or repeated. The defeating of a curse is an act of will that is needed to free the soul from fear and doubt. This triple motif of thinking, feeling and willing is repeated many times in the verse. 

This is followed by two sets of invocations. The invocations deal with the time of the protection. There is a swing from the present to the future in both of the sets. These movements from the present to the future represent the progressive will we hope to engage in the pursuit of healing. For in the last instance all we are looking for is healing, not retribution or payback or gaining an upper edge. Only in the pursuit of healing can we truly resolve ancient and hidden curses in our lives that threaten not only our future but the future of humanity. The final thank you is an acknowledgement of the cosmic dimension in which the everyday life of human beings is embedded.

Maintaining Balance

A delicate and subtly difficult dimension of this work can be experienced when the repetition of the protection verse flips from seeking protection and itself becomes obsessive and aggressive. It is possible to be so obsessive in the impulse to protect oneself that a kind of psychic prison is built in which the one saying the verse of protection creates more anxiety than the one instigating the attack. To prevent this it is necessary to balance the recital of a protection verse with a sincere effort to pray for the offending soul. This takes a clear headed insight into the parameters of the encounter that is not attained easily. Please see the lecture set Healing Meditations as a balance to the reciting of a protecting verse. In the context of healing we could say that the use of a protective verse is for acute events and the healing meditations are for chronic conditions. 

There are stories of Rudolf Steiner in his room pacing back and forth reciting the Our Father prayer at the top of his voice in the middle of the night in order to ward off negative intents that were coming towards him from the others. I take that story as an illustration of the sufferings he had to endure at the hands of others who wished ill intent towards him and his mission. It also illustrates the hazards on the path of self development in esoteric circles. We can and must protect ourselves from intrusions from the other side. That is our birthright. Our great consolation is that the Christ is the overseer of that protection. The Christ can become active in us when we move our own will. The action of that movement is answered with strength from the other side. Knock and it shall be opened.


Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at

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