Foliar Spray

Video: Fava Bean Plant Spray for Boosting Growth

By Dennis Klocek July 17, 2023
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This easy-to-make plant spray is excellent for boosting plants. It works great to get a second harvest. It’s good used on plants like Lemon Balm or Helichrysum when harvesting for essential oils. By marinating young (1-3in tall) fava bean roots in a fulvic acid/water solution made by soaking/decomposing tree leaves in water, you can produce…

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Metallic ions for foliar sprays

By Dennis Klocek January 23, 2023
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In the quartet of phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and magnesium the sal and sulf influences on the life processes of plants can be identified.  The phosphorus and potassium issue in NPK thinking revolves around the very attractive nature of phosphorus for other minerals and the strong tendency for potassium to constantly seek combination. Phosphorus with a…

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