Technology and Moral Development : A Cautionary Tale

By Dennis Klocek March 26, 2024
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The pursuit of free energy has been a drive in human beings for millennia. The poet Goethe wrote a poem entitled The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [since made into a Disney movie] to describe the issues brought to bear by this innate human drive. In the poem an apprentice to a sorcerer is tasked with drawing water…

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Tots, Tweens, Teens and Screens: Supporting Healthy Child Development in a Screenwise Way

By Ben Klocek November 30, 2023
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A presentation for teachers & parents to explore how screen technology supports and interferes in child development and what we can do to help our children thrive in a digitally-focused world. Explore how our brains and their development reveal a clear picture about the appropriate timing for screen use. This allows our children to develop…

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