New Adam

Lecture by Dennis Klocek

Session 1
Lessons Released: Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Live Q&A: Saturday June 29, 2024 8-10 AM (Pacific)

Session 2
Lessons Released: Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Live Q&A: Saturday July 27, 2024 8-10 AM (Pacific)

Session 3
Lessons Released: Tuesday, August 27, 2024
Live Q&A: Saturday August 31, 2024 8-10 AM (Pacific)

Session 4
Lessons Released: Tuesday, Sept 24, 2024
Live Q&A: Saturday Sept 28, 2024 8-10 AM (Pacific)

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Ritual and community on the path to the new human

Among humankind today the true nature of soul often goes unseen, pain and suffering goes unheard, the virtuous are deemed mad and evil is celebrated as good.

Wise people such as St. John and lately Rudolf Steiner perceived this condition unfolding in the soul of humankind as well as the soul’s eventual redemption and perfection through love.

When we ‘awaken in the other’ through compassion and humility, the soul of the other lies before us like an open book and we lay our own soul bare in the process. In this condition there can be no lies and the wisdom of the heart prevails.

The spiritual community that emerges when two or more come together in this way is known as The New Jerusalem and each individual member the New Adam.

The New Adam Course presents a social context for the creation of healing salves and their use in ritual anointing and sacred touch for communities and families with the earnest desire to ‘awaken in the other.’

Through community collaboration, the collective skills required for preparing extremely fine micro gem grinds, extracting plant essential oils and creating the New Adam healing salve can be undertaken.

The final salve contains the 12 gems of The New Jerusalem and corresponding synergetic plant essential oils corresponding to each gem.

When ritually anointed on the chakras with healing intention The New Adam Preparation offers a powerful spiritual and scientific solution for realising healing and wholeness in both our communities and our personal lives.

Course Structure

  • 4 Sessions each with several lessons and a Q&A
  • Lessons are pre-recorded so you can pause and replay (45 minutes – 1.5 hours each)
  • 2 hour Q&A the Saturday following the lesson release


Lesson One – Introduction

The introductory lesson explores fundamental concepts of alchemy, touching upon historical and mystical perspectives on the Earth, cosmos, and human body. Key themes include the relationship between physical and spiritual bodies, the symbolic significance of Adam and Eve, cosmic and alchemical processes, and the unification of soul and matter. Emphasis is placed on community building through shared biographical stories and practices involving gems and oils to create a body of light and foster deeper human connections.


Lesson Two – Smallest Entities

This lesson explains the creation of an anointing gel used to influence chakras with extremely fine gem particles. It delves into the scientific phenomenon where smaller objects have a greater surface area relative to their mass, enhancing their interaction capabilities at the molecular level. The process involves several stages of grinding gems into ultra-fine particles and combining them with folic acid to increase their efficacy. These fine particles can influence cellular nutrition and plant growth when exposed to light. In anointing gels, they interact with skin and blood pigments to transfer the gems’ stabilizing properties, aiming to enhance the body’s natural processes.


Lesson Three – Colloid Creation

Discusses the combination of essential oils and gem powders. To prevent the gems from settling, a colloid must be created. This process is linked to Rudolf Steiner’s concept of the World Mineral Plant, which connects plant and mineral life. Colloid formation leads to the creation of humus, a living mineral gel crucial for plant life.


Session One Q&A

This session covers the importance of intent, the soul’s connection to nature, and the transformative power of alchemical practices.

Those present joined breakout rooms for focused discussions on different preparation aspects, fostering community and collaborative learning.


Equipment List

Essential Oil Distilling

The distilling apparatus can be made following the video and parts list here: https://soilsoulandspirit.com/making-essential-oil-still

Gem Grinding

  • Rotary tumbler with 4 Lb. barrel (example)
  • Vibratory tumbler with dial speed control (example)


Lesson Four: Quartz – Alge analogs; Gel Lab

Lesson Five: Chalcedony – Frankincense analogs; Crystal Forms Lab

Lesson Six: Opal/Potch – Lemon Balm analogs; Lemon Balm Lab; Distillation;

Session Two Q&A

Lesson Seven: Agate/Chalcedony – Citrus analogs; Citrus Petigrain Lab

Lesson Eight: Jasper/Chalcedony – Pine analogs; Breaking Rocks Lab

Lesson Nine: Ruby/Corundum – Tagetes Lucida analogs; Pharmacy then Harmony

Session Three Q&A

Lesson Ten: Emerald/Beryl – Helichrysum analogs; Soul to Soul

Lesson Eleven: Rose quartz – Rose oil analogs; Soul to Soul

Lesson Twelve: Tourmaline – Spikenard analogs; Soul to Soul

Session Four Q&A


  1. Donna Basich on June 25, 2024 at 10:24 am

    Question: Are ground gem-particles small enough to go beyond the blood brain barrier as do essential oils? ( unable to attend Q&A for lesson one)

    • Ben Klocek on June 26, 2024 at 1:35 pm

      When the gems are applied topically, they pretty much stay in place. The goal is to allow the light to pass through them into the blood. Dennis said that the gems in the blood could cause issues, so he only uses them on the skin.

  2. blythefairjsj on June 25, 2024 at 5:09 pm

    Session 1 is comprised of Lessons 1,2 &3, released 6/25, & are for the Q&A Sat 6/29?

    • Ben Klocek on June 26, 2024 at 9:19 am

      Yes, that’s exactly it.

  3. Rosa Alvarez on July 15, 2024 at 7:38 am

    When you say about living in a post apocalyptic era what do you mean? there are people talking about an apocalypse coming, are you speaking about post pandemic? I missed Q&A part one.

    I am going on 3 yrs. living here in Savannah and I am finally starting to meet people with whom I may be able to do this work with, the potentials are there but for now I am doing this alone :) and with you virtually. I hope to share this with people around me in due time.

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