Developing Living Picture Thinking: Sensation, Perception, Intention

By Dennis Klocek January 12, 2023
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Explore the phenomenological approach to science and develop practices for seeing into the open secret.

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Earth Stewardship and Imagination

By Dennis Klocek September 12, 2022
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To truly see the Earth as a living being with a soul capable of will impulses and feelings requires humans to come into contact with the way that phenomena in nature stimulate feelings and will impulses in human beings. The sequence here is sense experience creating a picture image in the nerves that leads to…

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Proof Magazine Interview of Dennis – 2001

By Dennis Klocek June 11, 2012 Comments Off on Proof Magazine Interview of Dennis – 2001
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Dennis Klocek, in conversation with Neil Martinson NM: Dennis, you're the head of Goethean (Consciousness) studies here at Rudolf Steiner College, and I wanted to talk to you about Goethe and Goethean studies. To start things off: I think a lot of existential problems people run into in the world result from doubts about the…

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