Soul Exercises

Developing Living Picture Thinking: Sensation, Perception, Intention

By Dennis Klocek January 12, 2023
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Explore the phenomenological approach to science and develop practices for seeing into the open secret.

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Techniques for Transforming Dreaming

By Dennis Klocek January 7, 2023
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The technique of transforming dreaming is to saturate the going into sleep and the waking up times with as much attention and devotion as possible. For this reason Rudolf Steiner has given a number of very useful exercises and indications concerning these times of day. The fundamental idea however is not that there is a…

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Introducing Living-nature Imagination

By Ben Klocek January 5, 2023
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If you are from Europe, there’s a good chance you know of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (“Gur-ta”) for his poetry and literary works. Here in the US, few people have heard of him. What most don’t know is that he was also a scientist and esotericist, one who studies the inner or secret mysteries. What…

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Goethe’s Living-Nature Imagination

By Dennis Klocek January 3, 2023
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Those who have tried to grasp and not merely read about the nature-consciousness developed in Goethe, know how elusive this child of the 18th century can be. For no sooner do you grasp what appears to be a limb (or branch), then at once the fragile form disappears. You hold in your hand something akin to the carbon structure of the thing or a burnt etching, but the living experience awaits the next effort of perception.

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Meeting with the spirit during the Holy Nights

By Dennis Klocek December 23, 2022
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There is an exercise that is a blend of two indications from Rudolf Steiner regarding Christmas day in particular and the twelve Holy Nights in general. The particular reference was about a meeting in the spirit of those souls on the path founded by Christian Rosencreutz. On Christmas day there is traditionally a meeting in…

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The Great Karma Exercise

By Dennis Klocek December 18, 2022 Comments Off on The Great Karma Exercise
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The roots of the karma exercise lie in the capacity to form an inner picture and hold it at will and then to dissolve it at will. Practice this form of imagining for five minutes as a prelude to the karma exercise.  This puts the soul in touch with an inner force that an alchemist…

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The Four Keys to Mystery Wisdom & Healing Through Ritual Anointing

By joe.couling December 10, 2022
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Editor’s note: This email was sent as part of the promotion for Soul Course Series Three: Soul and the World Hi friends, We just wrapped up the last part of Series Three: Soul and the World this week. The topic was Soul and Ceremony.  In our fact-based, information-rich world, the subtle inner world of soul can sometimes be dismissed…

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Earth Stewardship and Imagination

By Dennis Klocek September 12, 2022
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To truly see the Earth as a living being with a soul capable of will impulses and feelings requires humans to come into contact with the way that phenomena in nature stimulate feelings and will impulses in human beings. The sequence here is sense experience creating a picture image in the nerves that leads to…

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