Technology and Moral Development : A Cautionary Tale

By Dennis Klocek March 26, 2024
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The pursuit of free energy has been a drive in human beings for millennia. The poet Goethe wrote a poem entitled The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [since made into a Disney movie] to describe the issues brought to bear by this innate human drive. In the poem an apprentice to a sorcerer is tasked with drawing water…

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Freedom from Anxiety

By Dennis Klocek May 9, 2022
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In these times of great uncertainty, a powerful seed thought from Rudolf Steiner is the phrase “to will my thinking is freedom; to think into my will is love”. This meditative tool is valuable for overcoming anxiety. But we could ask, what does it mean to will my thinking? In everyday life my thoughts flit…

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Gems, Light, and Cosmic Will

By Dennis Klocek April 8, 2022
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Most human beings tend to value thinking as the most powerful human soul capacity because most problems are addressed through some level of thinking. Underneath awake thinking consciousness flows a constant river of will that evades awareness. Will is the force nature uses for changing things. In the human soul, will is the force of…

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Hunger and Craving in the Will

By Dennis Klocek June 11, 2020
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The structure of human will regarding satisfaction is a key to the process of healing. The human organism has a biological basis for satisfying hunger it’s also true that humans have a psychological pattern that links craving and hunger. There is a polarity between the biological necessity of hunger pangs and the psychological patterns around…

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Mystery Wisdom Introduction

By Dennis Klocek November 10, 2010
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These presentations form a short course on the fundamental language that composes what Rudolf Steiner called mystery wisdom. Mystery wisdom is the teachings of the perennial philosophy presented in a context that addresses the soul issue present for human beings who are searching in vain for eternal teachings in the present technical world view. The…

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Black Madonna and Anthroposophia

By Dennis Klocek April 16, 2008
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Tracing the concept of the Madonna from Gnostic sources as the basis for self transformational meditative practices into the mystery schools of today. Explore the esoteric practices that lead from the ancient Sophianic consciousness to the two aspects of the Black Madonna that make her a spiritual being who leads humans from the past into the future. From the Black Madonna to the task of the modern mysteries represented by the being Anthroposophia.

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