Holy Week: An Alchemical Story

March 15, 2023
By Ben Klocek 1 min read

Dear friends,

As winter and spring tease with us with their comings and goings, we are passing through a sacred time for many spiritual people. In the Christian calendar, we are in Passiontide, leading toward Holy Week ending in Easter.

For those raised in a Christian faith, much of these events and days may be second nature, but if it is not a part of your practice the names and purpose may seem like a mystery (although to be fair, the whole story is about suffering, death and rising from death, which is a real mystery).

It’s been a mystery to me for much of my life, but I have always heard references to the Mystery of Golgotha and mentions of washing of feet and resurrection, but didn’t really understand how it all fit together or why it was important.

That all changed when I began listening to the Alchemy of Holy Week, a lecture series Dennis gave live in 2015.

As many of you know, Dennis is a great storyteller, and in this series he tells the stories of the events of Holy Week starting with Christ as an insurrectionist. He relates how the events are actually a pattern that repeats itself year after year, age after age. He applies his unique alchemical lens to the events (along with meditation exercises) to reveal inner pictures that can illuminate the events of our day and age.

It’s been described as “life changing” when listened to during the days of Holy Week and doing the practices. Handouts and an audiobook format are included in the purchase.

If you have ever been curious about the events surrounding Holy Week, Easter, or Golgotha, this series is worth a listen.


P.S. You can listen to a preview and purchase access here.

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Ben Klocek

Ben Klocek, web designer, teacher, and Sacramento Waldorf School alumni, has worked in tech for over 20 years and has been studying how our use of screen technology affects our lives. He teaches technology and woodworking in a Public Waldorf charter school. He is the father of two, ages 12 and 15, and is an avid naturalist, artist, and gardener.

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