Mineral and Plant Alchemy

Plants lift the mineral world into the realm of life. They do that by utilizing hormones and enzymes that help minerals like potassium relate to sulfur or phosphorus.

The minerals in plant saps are following a series of transformations known as the reactive series. Boron is highly reactive, potassium is relatively reactive and calcium is much less reactive. Plants use boron at parts per million to activate potassium or provide the energies for the potassium to interact with calcium.

The reactive series of minerals is the basis of plant nutrition. Miraculously it is also the basis for human nutrition. It further provides a reliable basis for the formation of medicines from plants.

The articles in the mineral and plant section describe experiments used to find and then amplify these relationships. This enables the formation of medicines that allow plants and minerals to more easily interact. These products support better health for plants, animals and humans.