This section deals with the production of high quality herbal ferments and extracts as a way to take a proactive role in personal health.

Many healthful tonics and oils can be readily produced from products grown and processed by a home gardener. This section of offerings centers on the alchemical mandalic principle of tempering. This is based on three interwoven systems of elements, humors and temperaments.

Traditional medicine uses these ideas not only to diagnose health issues but also to find remedies from minerals and plants that are analogous to specific bodily dysfunctions. The ideas in this section are a blend of imaginative perception of nature inherited from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and contemporary principles of human physiology.

Practical advice on the distillation of essential oil blends, the formation of potent extracts made with mead, or the creation of transdermal oil recipes and more are included in this category on the site.