Alchemy and Natural Sciences

The alchemical tradition was a union of what today are two separate disciplines. The laboratory work has evolved into physical chemistry and affiliated empirical research into the phenomena of the physical world. The alchemical connections between the soul and the physical responses to sense phenomena has become the realm of psychology and psychiatry. At one time they were all part of one discipline that today we call alchemy.

This section of the site explores threads linking contemporary science with the seeming irrationality of alchemical practices such as the spagyric methods of Paracelsus. The theory of salt, sulfur and mercury gives support to these ideas. As a result of these linkages the action of smallest entities found in the molecular chemistry of gems and minerals can be perceived as analogs for physiological processes in living forms.

Practical offerings include essays on salts, oils, gems, alcohol, vinegar, and fermenting processes and apparatus.



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