Soul Health

Learning to Become Ourselves for the Next Generation

By Dennis Klocek April 8, 2022
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From conception to birth a child is following a spiritual mission that is the task of the I being or True Self. The mission is the intent of the spiritual entity that lives between lives. Between birth and 18 months, a child looks to adults as powerful representatives of the divine or spiritual world from…

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The Healing Power of Symbols

By Dennis Klocek September 6, 2021
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This workshop with Dennis Klocek explores some of the foundational principles that allow us to choose and employ symbols to relieve stress and promote healing.

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Healing Meditations

By Dennis Klocek May 1, 2011
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At times it is necessary for those on a path of self development to engage in protecting themselves from the negative intents coming from other persons. This process is delicate but if handled consciously it can be healing for both the person who we are struggling with and for ourselves.

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