The Four Keys to Mystery Wisdom & Healing Through Ritual Anointing

December 10, 2022
By joe.couling 2 min read

Editor’s note: This email was sent as part of the promotion for Soul Course Series Three: Soul and the World

Hi friends,

We just wrapped up the last part of Series Three: Soul and the World this week. The topic was Soul and Ceremony. 

In our fact-based, information-rich world, the subtle inner world of soul can sometimes be dismissed as unimportant. However, we do so at our own risk, because the biological patterns our body uses to handle sense impressions can leave us stuck in behaviour patterns from when we were a toddler. Learning how we turn sense impressions into biography gives us a means to build better soul patterns. One such means is personal ritual.

Dennis shares how we can deal with doubt, hatred, and fear through soul-to-soul ritual and learning to be OK with ambiguity.

Four Keys to Learning Mystery Wisdom

As one goes deeper in to the soul, questions, doubts and fears arise that can be understood by studying what Rudolf Steiner called mystery wisdom, the eternal teachings of the ages. Dennis shared four rules or keys to the work of entering the school of mystery wisdom.

  1. Knowing that you don’t know is more fruitful than thinking you know.
  2. Searching for answers is more productive than having answers.
  3. Understanding rhythm is more important than finding facts.
  4. All polarities appear to be in conflict until you find out how they are reciprocating with each other.

These keys can be a helpful guide when striving to understand your life, and soothe your soul. More about this in the recording of Part 9: Soul and Ceremony.

Healing Anointing Ritual for the Holy Nights

In closing, Dennis shared  a healing ritual and a recipe for an anointing oil [PDF]. The hope is that more healing personal wishes for self and other will blossom out of this practice.

This is such a sweet, loving practice, I intend to make the oil blend and perform the ritual for my children and my wife each night of the Holy Nights. 

Some of you asked about where to get essential oils. 

Dennis often makes his own, but my family uses Young Living Essential Oils for many things from cleaning to healing because they grow their own plants organically and harvest, distill, and test with intention that the pure oils are used for body and soul. 

Of Dennis’ suggested oils, they offer yarrow and angelica, but they don’t make a mugwort or sagebrush essential oil.

You could also use one of their blends (White Angelica Blend or Harmony Blend would be good for this purpose) for a more economical option. Their blends are amazing! Details here:

Sweet blessings!

Ben Klocek



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