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Holistic Science is Heart-led Science

By joe.couling / July 27, 2023 /

Hi friends, One of our big goals here at Soil, Soul and Spirit is to provide resources for learning about the world in a way that builds connections, ties things together, and allows you to “see the open secret” of the world, as Goethe put it. Dennis has shared many stories with me over the years…

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Healing Insights for the Earth & Humankind

By joe.couling / May 12, 2023 /

Hello friends of Soil, Soul and Spirit, I’m writing today to let you know of a few new things up at First is a new free lecture called Living earth : Living climate. Dennis helps us understand the earth as living being by relating climate to the human being through esoteric wisdom. Elemental dynamics drive all life, from the micro…

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The Four Keys to Mystery Wisdom & Healing Through Ritual Anointing

By joe.couling / December 10, 2022 /

Editor’s note: This email was sent as part of the promotion for Soul Course Series Three: Soul and the World Hi friends, We just wrapped up the last part of Series Three: Soul and the World this week. The topic was Soul and Ceremony.  In our fact-based, information-rich world, the subtle inner world of soul can sometimes be dismissed…

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