Holistic Science is Heart-led Science

July 27, 2023
By joe.couling 1 min read

Hi friends,

One of our big goals here at Soil, Soul and Spirit is to provide resources for learning about the world in a way that builds connections, ties things together, and allows you to “see the open secret” of the world, as Goethe put it.

Dennis has shared many stories with me over the years about students who, having graduated college with a science degree, came to take his courses and experience many “a-ha” moments as Dennis drew connections, gave analogies, and described universal (read: alchemical) forces active in the phenomena they had previously studied. They often said, “Finally, I get it!”

The classes, essays, lectures and books that we share strive towards what is called holistic science today, a science in which the observer and observed both participate in the phenomenon, a science that includes the unseen as much as the seen.

It is our sincere hope that science educators, students, and interested non-professionals would find value in our resources for understanding natural history, botany, biology, geology, climate, and other similar fields from a (dare I say) exciting, holistic perspective.

It is from this viewpoint that we offer Gem and Plant, a course on understanding the similarities of the ‘becoming’ of minerals and plants, seen through sacred geometry, the harmony and music of the spheres, and universal growth patterns. We hope you will join us.

For a FREE preview/jump-start for some of the concepts, please see Dennis’ video series: ​​The Alchemical Basis for Holistic Health Science.

Ben Klocek

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