Easter 2020 – Trust in life

April 15, 2020
By Dennis Klocek 6 min read

An algorithm is a mathematical process that creates a looping train of steps that are required to be followed one after another until the loop is complete. There are many forms of algorithms that are used by computers to solve problems. Many are known as divide and conquer formulas used to break codes or find weaknesses in existing formulas. Science relies on algorithms in a most fundamental way as the model for problem solving. A device uses the algorithm to create iterations or sequences of instructions that are repeated many times until the loop is closed by reaching a solution. Iteration can be accomplished many, many times by devices because the basis for the iteration is a binary digitizing or truncating of possible numerical values. This means that the ultimate answer will resolve to either a one or a zero. For the device this is either the switch is on or it is off. This means that there are no fractions in a binary system. There is no such thing as partially on or off. For this to be useful the problems must be rendered into binary structures with definite starting and ending points. The problems are then systematically parsed out within the brackets of the search and a solution for the bracketed search is then possible.

The result of an iterative algorithm is always either so many ones or so many zeros. This solution is considered to be conclusive. It is conclusive providing that there are not too many variables to track. When there are too many variables the iterative method can quickly go awry when a variable that is not central to the problem takes over. In that case a special type of algorithm known as a recursive statement is used. A recursive algorithm uses one of the steps to recall the whole process of iteration. The computer must include the numerical wholeness of the problem in one of the steps. This self referencing to the whole helps the researcher trim out things that are deemed tangential, inessential or uninteresting to the researcher in the formation of the algorithm. When building electronic circuits based on the on/off behavior of switches and gates these methods are a perfect fit between the function of the device and the design of the device. However, there is a hidden aspect to this that is not often recognized in the world today when most of the human challenges in the daily round are not based on binary iteration but most of the decisions about the challenges are. Political polls, insurance negotiations, the stock market and the current medical pandemic of Covid-19 are driven not by clear data brackets but by messy probability structures. That is because these social issues are not based on binary, digital processes of on / off , but on the probabilities of the recursive, self referencing soul life of humans.

The human soul is naturally recursive. Its rhythms of feeling and will impulses color and modify reality with infinite probability structures. At its onset, any action or feeling is radically self referencing. This colors thinking processes and puts them more in line with the self preservation patterns at work in the natural world. This is because the mathematics of the natural world are not iterative but recursive. Surely there is an algorithmic repetition and gradual unfolding of step wise phenomena at all levels in the natural world. But each step in the growth of a flower is referencing the wholeness of its being. Botanists call that wholeness of the frame of reference for a flower, the family or genus or species. The recursive reference of a flower is a spiritual idea unfolding in infinite variations through time. The epigenetics of a golden finch is a spiritual idea unfolding in time and space that gives rise to a manifest individuality. But the individuality of the finch or the rose is not to be found in the bird or plant world as it appears in the garden. The individuality is a spiritual principle of the wholeness of how the flower or bird is engaged in the totality of the rhythms of change that inform the power of the natural world.

In a human being the biological side of the soul actually has its roots in the epigenetic, spiritual realm of the ancestors. Today we would say the genetic family tree. But that genetic inheritance is not the wholeness of the spiritual human being. The wholeness of the human spirit lies deeper in the cosmic vault of powerful destiny issues where each human individuality works within archetypal human wholeness. This means to be an individual that is also part of the whole of human experience. At this level of humanity no iteration of data points of epidemiologists will touch the reality of fear generated by mistrust as the root cause of illness. When most of what the human soul encounters in a day is not capable of instilling trust the door is open to the spiritual cleansing idea of pandemics. This includes everything from constant lying from world leaders to not being able to trust that your bank account is safe, to not having enough hand sanitizer. Trust in life is the true source of health.

A great healing force in the human soul is the capacity to trust. This capacity is abundant in children. It arises out of the tremendous forces of life that pour into the embryo and then into the growing child. At the age of 21 the biological forces that form the life organs have completed their task and the challenge for human development is to somehow keep growing. Since the biological forces have completed their formative work there is no biological imperative to grow in the adult biography of the human being. The formative tasks that were governed by biological growth process must now be consciously directed by the will forces of the individual towards spiritual growth. The age of 21 years signals the need for each person to form a spiritual embryo in his or her own soul. The spiritual embryo must have sheathes and organs like the biological embryo except that the sheathes and organs will be made by and composed of the consciousness of the individual. This spiritual embryo is the epigenetic source of the future completely spiritualized human. It is the recursive well spring of resilience needed in times of crisis.

For the development of the physical sheaths and organs a mother is necessary to act as a focus for the biological patterns of the physical embryo. For the formation of sheaths and organs of the spiritual embryo a mother is also necessary. In the esoteric language this mother is called the Black Madonna,. This being is the mother of the spirit embryo that is conceived by the spirit in the soul of every esoteric student. The sheaths and organs of the spirit embryo are the stages of consciousness of the adept in search of self- transformation. They are akin to the formative processes of the nature kingdoms but go beyond the manifest world where constant perception of iterative, digitized images of reality can only create more uncertainty. The central human recursive task is to learn to reverse self-centered and acquisitive impulses. At conception these impulses sustain the physical life of the embryo as it makes demands on the life forces of the mother. This desire to sustain oneself at the expense of another is spiritually destined to be transformed into altruism and trust. Altruism and trust are not on / off issues. They require a subtle recursive touching into the higher self at each step of the iteration that we humans call life.

This is not such easy work. However there is a fundamental principle that allows this work to advance. That principle is trust in life. Trust in life is the special domain of the Black Madonna, the Mater Delorosa or the Sorrowful Mother. She is the spiritual being who was at the foot of the cross and also the Magdalene who was first to experience the Risen Christ. Their suffering caused such self referencing that they transcended into the archetypal world consciousness of the future of all human beings. In the ancient times the Black Madonna was the patron of mothers in the birth process. The birthing process requires a complete surrender by the mother to the wisdom of the physical body. This surrender is the hallmark of the capacity to trust in life. At the fundament of the trust in life is the ability to attend to the small things in life. This does not refer to exclusive attention to detail, although that attention is a foundation for the work. The idea of attending to small things refers to the esoteric capacity to notice how seemingly small events are the seeds of much larger recursive patterns in life. Esoterically that makes the Black Madonna the patroness of redeemed karma. This being has great import when circumstances seem to be careening out of control and the tendency for the soul is to shift to a consciousness of blame, fear and subsequent issues of mass control. The recursive human is the praying human who is learning how to trust in life in the face of mass emotional uncertainty.


Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at soilsoulandspirit.com.


  1. Brandon Robledo on April 22, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    The coyote
    “A teacher is judged by how well he or she treats their students”
    Ok , we are all in the skin of the dragon now!
    what say you?
    The old dragon with new tools suffocates the new star knowledge killing the old ways.
    Freewill traded in with 3 card monte, news at 12
    Whitney Webb freedom of information act – the national security commission on artificial intelligence

  2. Russell Arnold on April 28, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Dear Mr. Klocek,

    Many thanks for your insights.


  3. Alexander on April 28, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Thank you for articulating this. SO grateful for your work and words.

  4. Barbara Korecki on May 3, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Dear Dennis, Thank you. Knowing trust is an important part of life.

  5. Tommi on June 14, 2020 at 8:28 am

    I wonder if you might offer reiterations of specific exercises working with the black Madonna in our current pandemic and protest similar to your offering in 2011 entitled “ anxiety and the world soul.” I am trying to practice ABC, CBA with world events right now and the images are so huge and so dramatic I find them overwhelming to the point of dizzying. Your perspectives and insights frequently help me to reorient and find my ground again. Thank you for carrying and sharing a compass with us.

  6. Daniel Collett on July 20, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    ~Trust in life~the providence of the Black Madonna.

    Thank you Dennis

    ~Daniel John

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