Holy Saturday

March 24, 2024
By Dennis Klocek 30 min read

Today I will focus on  Holy Saturday, and then the next session will focus on Easter Sunday, the resurrection. We could put a subtitle to this, which would be The Transformation of the Senses. That in my understanding is the central issue in the Rosicrucian work. The new mysteries are based on the transformation of the senses.

The old mysteries were based on getting in line with the creation as it was given. And the new mysteries recognize a glitch in your sensation, so you need to work on that.

The given in philosophy is the form of the creation as it is perceived by us. They call that science. But there’s a problem in that we have lost sight of the fact that behind the creation there is divinity. Science has said that is a subjective thing. So if you come here looking for theology, you’re in the wrong building.

But in the ancient world, theology and science were the same thing. Then they had to separate because theology became so fragmented by everybody’s belief structure through their fundamentalism. And now we even have scientific fundamentalism, which is climate change assertion or climate change denial, which is fundamentalism in the name of science.

So that has to change, no matter what it is. It could be fundamentalism about my coffee being better than your coffee. Or about being vegan. Or about the Sacramento Kings. 

Our senses are the source of fundamentalism in the way we experience them. They were not designed to be experienced that way. They were designed to reflect the creation with joy, but there was a problem with that. And that was that the creation is not the creator. 

There was a separation and in the esoteric language, a separation between two things creates a space. And that space is the doorway to perdition. That is, the astral body is the space between spiritual reality and my sensory experience in my body. That’s called the astral realm, or the realm of the soul.

It is a hollowing out between the reality of the divine world and the manifest world that our “me” is embedded in. Because spirit in matter or in flesh is like, as Kurt Vonnegut puts it, “the mud gets up and talks.” You know, it’s a weird way to put it, but it puts its finger on the human dilemma, am I my body or am I something that’s invisible?

And does something invisible remain when my body goes away? Is that thing that’s invisible still present or not? And if you think it’s the end, then you try to get as many toys in your toy box as possible before it ends. Whether your toys are knowledge or money or fame or whatever, you try to pack in as much as you can before you check out.

If I think that’s the end, I am a sorry guest on this dark earth, and then I check out and who cares? So in contemporary life, there’s a kind of existential malaise because we’re put into this very weird position as a tabula rasa, an empty slate. And then we fill it with weird stuff and then we check out; it’s senseless.

It’s ridiculous. Steiner says it all the time. It’s a ridiculous view. Who would want to sign up for that?

So the sense organs, in the way they are configured, give us a very skewed picture of the relationship between the spiritual world and the manifest world that started on Old Saturn. Through the fall of the spirits of darkness, the Archai awakened to the fact that their sensing was giving them an impression of something that was not them. We could say “other,” a radical other, no matter what that is. But it was still in a spiritual condition. So it could be remedied by gifts of love and harmony from the hierarchies. And that is a beautiful picture of the doorway through which Christ came because it was understood in what Rudolf Steiner called the lodge of the great beings who are serving all of this, that there was going to be a problem eventually. The creation was going to fall so deeply into a course, that the beings who would be caught in that experience would have no recourse except to succumb to the illusion of being separate from the creation.

They would just have to abide by that because there was nothing in the system that could counter that because the creation didn’t include that, and it couldn’t include that because that is freedom.

It’s a great dilemma.

So the ancient people said don’t even get involved in it. It’s not going to end well. That was before Golgotha. Don’t bother. Just go back into heaven where all of God’s children have a place in the choir. Just pick up your sheet music and sing along. And the laws that came down from that were just to sing along. 

This is the Pharisees and scribes. Just sing along and everybody can be happy. Why are you always agitated back there in the bass section?

You know, it’s always the basses and the altos. And the soprano’s are saying, don’t I have a great voice?

So in the sense world, every time you have a sensation, it’s a recapitulation of the fall.

The way the senses are organized, all sensation is the fall again unless we become conscious of how the sensation is impacting us.

And then this is called marriage and family counseling. What happens when dad comes home and says this is what is happening. You need to change that and you need to become aware. And dad needs to become aware of when he comes home and says this is what’s happening. But he’s probably not going to do that because he’s still living by the role of this is my kingdom. Here’s the sheet music. Sing along.

So the awakening is in myself as to how I am responding to sense experiences. I need to build an organ of perception to perceive how somebody else is experiencing what I am putting out. That is the Rosicrucian work. I have to awaken in the other, and the only way I can do that is by assimilating the corpses of my wound. 

This is the Ouroboros. I have to eat my own tail.

That’s an alchemical principle. I have to assimilate the shadow as a wounded healer. They will be irresistibly attracted to you when you have overcome a shadow, because they will want to know how you overcame your shadow. You become what Jung called the wounded healer. You can’t be a healer unless you are wounded.

This is a saying of Paul, my strength is made perfect in my weakness.  This is a difficult thing to understand, but my weakness is the scar of uncognized sense experience. We call it memory. I hear something. I see something. I taste something. I feel something.

The memory bank of sensation is where the shadows are, and I have to go back into them and reopen that wound in order to heal it and then to cauterize it. This involves healing and medicines and all of that. I have to provide my body with a whole other level of sensation.

And the irony of that and what the Rosicrucians understood was that substance is sensation solidified. Substances are behavioral patterns. And we have affinities for them. We even name them: this is Theobromine, which means this substance is related to God. Theobromine is the action of a chemical in chocolate, which is related to God. We all know that.

So it’s in our language, and the alchemist said this is just another level of language, to take substances and to try to find how this substance triggers a particular sensation. There is healing in that. If we lift the substance back into a dynamic rather than a course, this is homeopathy.

The role of sensation as something that has fallen is the root of the new mysteries. That means I have to somehow get in contact with what happens when I have a sensation of an image, what happens in me and what feelings do I associate with that, which come out of me as a kind of projection.

This is the basis of what we’re doing in the crucible. So when you look at a picture and you form a question and you bring it out, you are going through an inner process of purification of sense activity, because you are bringing the sense activity that is below the threshold up into consciousness and you’re lifting it. And your I-being gets access to that by your forming of a question.

That’s the purpose of the crucible, and that’s the purpose of the crucible of Holy Week, for Christ to go so deeply into matter that He experiences death, so that He can go through it and come back on the other side. Cognitively, this is what humans are freaked out about. So in Gethsemane, when He says, I am agitated to death, I am terror stricken, please take this away. That is all the way down to the edge. 

And then, I understand this needs to happen, so it will happen if you will it.  So in order for the cosmos to turn, a divine being had to experience that fear of how the body of sensation is going to be extinguished. And the question is, am I still going to exist?

So this then is the role of sensation. The key to the Rosicrucian work and the alchemical work is to learn how to use your sensations as a video rather than a snapshot. I have to frame the snapshots in a sequence in order to free them up from the corpus of my conditional belief that this is what this is.

This is present in language; it’s present in music. This is why we’re so deeply attracted to video because it’s giving us the impression that we’re actually doing the work that we’re supposed to be doing. But we’re not. It is kind of a placeholder.

So the forming of an image and then connecting that to another image and then connecting that to another image in my own freedom is the work of rectifying errors based on past memories. We call it thinking. But because we’re trained the way we are, our thinking always ends up in a thought that becomes another corpse.

So the method is to give yourself pictures that you sequence, form a question, and then if you really want to energize it, think the sequence of the pictures backwards, and you’ll see what was there before you formed the question. Because before you formed the question about the sensation, there was already a predilection for the answer, and you have to find out what that is, because that goes back to when you were one year old. 

What condition triggers the sensation that I keep setting up for myself? Steiner says somebody walks down the street, a brick falls out of a building and hits them on the head and they say oh, this is terrible. But what they didn’t realize was that the invisible part of them went up and pushed the brick to the edge.

So they’re walking and then they go into blame and shame, instead of asking, why did I need this? Why does this keep happening to me? What’s the matter with me? You’re setting it up because of sensation. Sensation means I’m going to find a lawyer and make some money out of this. 

But Steiner said you put it up there so you could experience that blow as an awakening to consciousness so you could have the real picture of the son of man. But if you don’t have the picture of the son of man, then you’re looking for a lawyer or a Pharisee or a politician to solve it.

But the only one who can solve it is you.

So we’re going to do the crucible now, and you can take anything that is there.

But I’m going to inform the space for the question so you have to connect one of the sections we did before to another section, instead of just asking questions. One form of question is to ask why this study is connected to this work.

So your questions are linking questions; they’re video questions rather than snapshots. Let’s stop there. Can you feel this?

When we were asking questions about each single thing, you could get an answer. But these questions are much deeper because we’re exploring the field of the whole thing, rather than individual units. The work with the senses is to try to expand your field awareness through as many senses as possible.

The function of the arts is to bring consciousness to the way in which my body feels when it moves, the way my voice feels when it speaks, the way it feels when the color is right. Whatever it is, the art is a kind of titration and balancing of the senses so that I can have the experience that my consciousness permeates the senses, rather than just being an unconscious river just flowing along underneath.

So the role of the arts, even the role of science, was intended to do that at the time of the alchemists. The sense world was very much the stage for their experimentation. They had an apparatus, but it was a very simple apparatus because they were the meter: the goal of the science experiment was to harmonize one’s own consciousness with what was happening. It was understood that what was happening in the substance was an analog of consciousness. Today, the analog of consciousness is placed in the technology of instrumentation. You’re only as good as your instrument. So we build a Hadron Collider with 17 miles of magnets, and there’s a short circuit in one, and there goes a billion dollars a day to fix the thing because this is where sensation has gone.

Somehow the instrumentation is the replacement of sensation, but in the end you have to have a pair of eyeballs look at the photo plates to determine whether or not the part is there.

So, billions of dollars are being spent on these projects. and, and it’s getting crazy because of computer enhancement of images. If you saw the Hubble  Telescope raw shots taken, it’d be a big yawner, but they’re all colored nicely.

They blend infrared with visible red and a little touch of the ultraviolet. It’s like painting.

And we look at it and say, wow, that is awesome. But if you were out there, you wouldn’t see anything unless you were a honeybee.

So, that quality of sensation today has been even more removed from us by the reliance on instrumentation. Because of what? Because our senses are too “weak.”

So, as we penetrate this on Holy Saturday, there is a drama now that Christ has died, was murdered in a body of flesh, and His blood had touched the skull of Adam. The original covenant had been completed with the Father God.

In the alchemical tradition, there’s something called the debt to the Father God. The debt to the Father God is that you must return the dust back to the Father God. So from dust you have come, and to dust you shall return. The debt to the Father God is that in the dust, there is a residue of what your soul has experienced while it was in the dust.

The dust is a kind of akashic bank of sensation, and that makes the soul experiences of a human  being a turning point of the cosmos. Because how you are experiencing in your flesh what is happening in the creation is changing the creation. This is the photon slit experiment in physics: how my consciousness interacts with the photons in the way in which the world is created. Or is the created world a done deal and I’m just flying around on a barren rock? Even though it’s a scientific question, it’s also a theological question. 

So the issue of sensation is that the creation, because of human sensation, has fallen and condensed into an ash. and all of the aspects that constitute this spiritual ontogeny, this spiritual line of emergence of a human, are condensed in patterns in that ash.

There’s an ash of what the I-being will be and we call that ash of the I-being, I call it the “great me.” It’s not my I-being, it’s me. Me is different than I. I have the perception that my I and your I are one. Me is like, what are you doing in my space, in my I?

There is a funny thing about freedom because the highest freedom is to give your freedom for somebody else. That’s love. But “me” says, no, this is my space. Get out of my space or pay me something for being in it. Give me a dollar. That will be okay. Entrance fee, one dollar. 

So that experience of the falling of the spiritual human, with all of the I-being and the potential for consciousness, and all the soul qualities and then the physical qualities and the matter and fluid body of endocrine patterns and the air quality of communication, all of that condensed into what we now call Earth. Because in the spiritual condition, we were embedded in that spiritually by being part of the creation of the hierarchies that were creating the Earth as an image of the human as mother, which every indigenous culture recognizes, the father as the sky and the mother as the Earth, hear us and give us peace.

So the mother, the matrix, has fallen from a spiritual condition as humans free themselves from the fall of sensation that was deposited as ash in the body of the Earth. That’s an alchemical picture.

So in the mineral realm, there’s been a great tradition of this idea of the nine spheres.

  1. Mineral earth – physical body (earth element) solid rock
  2. Liquid earth – etheric body (water element) rock milk has the quality of sentience/sensitive (plant like) except that it is the exact opposite to life. Life dies in this layer/ this layer is explored by pure concentration by an occultist.
  3. Air earth – astral body (air element) steam earth, vapor earth, full of life-will like nature- great expansive powers. Inverted consciousness/ inverted feelings. This layer destroys or extinguishes sensations by turning them into the opposite.
  4. Form earth – soul earth potential for substances to arise, once more a recapitulation of the physical or mineral but in potential- pure astrality- negative form of all things manifest at the mineral layer- like a template that is continually producing manifest forms but its form is in the negative. All of the qualities of an object pass out into its surroundings the actual space of the object being emptied.
  5. Fruit earth – the earth of expansive growth primal source of all lower life (transformed life forces in thinking process relates this level to mind soul) (warmth ether) living matter/no corpus/pure potential, burgeoning , teeming energies that is the archetypal source of all life. All life arises from this. Volcanic forces relate this layer to the fire earth – forms arising and disappearing. This layer is the underlying life that serves the layers above it. (related to thinking (mental image).
  6. Fire earth pure will and feelings. Passion layer – composed entirely of passions(sensations) when the sensations are transformed this layer relates to consciousness soul.  (light ether) drives, instincts, sentience of pleasure and pain amplified into catastrophic forces. Volcanic forces relate this layer to the fruit earth. Intimately linked to human will, this layer consists entirely of passions.
  7. Earth Reflector – (tone ether) inner morality (immorality) of natural forces. Like a prism that dissolves everything reflected in it and manifests the counter image.
  8. Fragmenter – number generator, living forms generated many times over, unrest, disharmony and immorality. All life is fragmented and reduced to infinity. This layer shatters moral qualities and multiplies the immoral ones. Raying up through the earth this force brings disharmony and evil into the world.
  9. Earth core – source of immoral forces, discord, separation and hate used by black magicians.

In the third century, St. John Chrysostom had an Easter homily about what happened on Holy Saturday when the earthquake came and Christ’s body fell into a crack in the Earth.

His physical body fell into a crack in the Earth on Good Friday at the crucifixion, where it says He gave up the ghost. And on Holy Saturday when he was interred in the Earth, he became the spirit of the Earth, and as they say, the Lord of the Elements.

This was a deep mystery of Christian Rosencreuz, that you think you’re doing a distillation, but you’re actually doing the Last Supper. So that teaching of the fall led to the idea that the earth is an image of the human, but fixed in a kind of negative way. Because it’s a corpus of all the potential sensations that a human could create, that have created this densification of the creation so that there are humans on Earth thinking that they have nothing to do with the divine world.

Just look at contemporary life. I can be as bad as I want to be. I can lie as much as I want in public, and you need to figure it out. So who cares? Just give me the money.  So that consciousness is the best process for the earth. We can pretty much see it. And as that happened, it was understood that Christ on Holy Saturday went through the solidified sheaths of the human through the earth to the center of earth, bringing light to the corpus of the cosmic human, which is the body of the earth.

You know, you used your mom’s body to get here, so do we all. And the debt to the Father was that you had to give back to your mother whatever you borrowed so that the mother could evolve along and keep pace with what was happening with humans. But in the ancient world, the mysteries evolved to the point where you didn’t have to give your body back.

You could take the forces of consciousness that you learned and put them in an amulet or a talisman or a drum or something, check out and then come back again and pick that out and do magic with it.

That’s the decadence of the old mysteries, because there were these holy places where there were holy things. But then there were other places where there were unholy things working against the holy things.

And by having those power reservoirs and allies and amulets and traditions and places to put the power reservoirs, and power sectors, you get past the debt to the Father. You concentrate on those objects, the consciousness that needs to go back to the earth in order that the earth can evolve.

That’s why the old mysteries became decadent and that’s why Christ had to come back to say there are new mysteries that need to happen. But we’re late and slow and always saying you can’t turn the Queen Mary in a tea cup. You know, it takes a long time to turn this puppy around to get it back to the spot where we realize that my doing something affects the earth. 

Back in the day, you just dumped stuff in the creek that was not in your backyard. Now the backyard extends pretty far out there, so that is a lifting of consciousness. We could say even in a Rosicrucian way, we become aware that we’re all connected through the Earth and the forces of the Earth. Because when Christ on Holy Saturday went into the Earth, he went all the way to the very center of the Earth and did a process called the Harrowing of Hell.

Harrowing is cultivating and breaking up and making it permeable. That’s what harrowing is. He’s breaking up the vulnerable harrow of the soil to make it possible to put in a crop. Christ had to harrow hell. That was represented by the fixed nature of the layers of Earth. And the homily of John Chrysostom was about the different layers of Earth.

And then Rudolf Steiner in just three or four lectures, brought that up and put it out and then went away. A couple years ago there was a book called Subterranean, and a couple of us were asked to write some essays on it. The harrowing of hell is then a recapitulation of Christ going through the corpses that were created in the Earth body as humans cast off minerals and plants that were in them.

However, we’re finding through our DNA  and bacteria that we are still carrying plants around. We’re still carrying minerals around. We’re still carrying air around. But the big portion of that has been cast off and has become the earth as a corpse. But now Christ has entered that through the harrowing of hell.

So here’s the picture. The first layer of the earth is the mineral earth, and that is a representative of the physical body that has become manifest as a substance.  When it’s manifested as a substance, that is perceptible to my senses.

And the thing that allows that to happen is that the physical body is actually an invisible body of forces that is permeated by ash.

Call it ash, calcium or potassium or whatever. Potassium in your blood is an ash of the metal. And Potassium as a metal is actually an activity.

But as a substance, it has become a kind of ash that has precipitated out of the activity of potassium as a worldwide event. 

Potassium as a worldwide event is dynamic spiritually, but as a substance, it falls out. It becomes this thing at the bottom of the retort. That’s the physical earth that has become a corpse because it has become matter. But it’s becoming, is still the physical body. But you can’t see it. That’s the physical earth that needed to be redeemed.

Then the layer below that is what is known as the liquid earth. That is the equivalent of the life body. This is where the mineral becomes sentient. This is humus. This is soil. This is ion exchange capacity in the soil. This is the exchange of solutions across membranes within the plant life, going through the chemistry of photosynthesis, and the transformation of minerals and substances with the energy of light. This is what is known as the liquid earth.

Because it’s earth, so it’s potassium; it’s calcium; it’s magnesium. But it’s liquid. If we took all of that liquid out, we would have a kind of shadow earth that was just the universal flow of potassium seeking calcium.  That’s the crude earth, and it’s a corpse of the spiritual relationship between the spiritual being of calcium and the spiritual being of magnesium as a metal.

Because the metals in the past were gods, and alchemists understood that Zeus is tin and Mars is iron. Consciousness of iron is the planet Mars, and that’s a dynamic. So Christ had to go into the water earth because life as a potential gets fixed in the liquid in certain patterns. This is all about patterns and a rubric for that is something that in alchemy or in esoteric work, is called form.

Form with a capital “F” is Form in the process of forming, and it is not random. In chemistry, they call it elective affinity. This is a particular molecular bonding angle of water that has a relationship to carbon and that allows the hydrogen and oxygen and the carbon to form a bond to make a scaffolding. That pattern comes from somewhere, and if you try to check that in a regular science book today, the answers they give of why it happens are always tautological, always circular logic. This happens because of that, but that happens because of this. No one really knows why that is the bonding angle of water. So, here’s the book, just sing along with the choir. 

So the liquid earth had to be penetrated with the consciousness of the divine being. Then the air earth is the astral air element, which in the language is called steam earth or vapor earth. It is the will-like nature of the patterning. What if there were a pattern that we could call potassium? Potassium is potash, which is what happens when you burn a stick.

You get ash. You put the ash in water; you extract the water; you boil the water off, and what you are left with is that potassium carbonate or potash. So the word “potash” is actually a picture of a dynamic, a process of a burning and a reconstituting. So the air element is the will of where the imagination of that substance could become potassium, the will to become potassium. That had to be penetrated. That’s the air earth. 

Then the next level is form earth. It’s sometimes called the soul earth or the fire earth because this form has the potential for a will impulse to give rise to a substance. We could call it an idea.

The idea is that a will impulse could eventually become potassium and have something to do with the way in which growth would happen. That is a part of the earth. It’s beyond the will. It’s in the realm of ideas. This kind of thinking goes back to John Chrisostom in the third century, then through the Chartres Masters.

That’s the way they describe how chemistry was happening through the alchemists in the 1400’s. Then it died a strange death in the 1600’s, but it was still present underground in the Rosicrucian work in the 16th and 17th centuries. Then the idea was resurrected by Goethe in German idealism. And it eventually came to us as the stream of understanding that behind substance are beings willing and having ideas that become a corpse because of the direction that the cosmos was going in order that humans could have the sense experience that they were separate from everything. 

The need to do that is the basis of our sense of freedom that needs to be redeemed. The form Earth is like a negative cast. If you want to make a picture, you make a picture. But if you want to replicate that picture, if you want to have it happen again and again and again, you make what an artist would call a form.

So with the first picture you make, you form that form and then you put that in a plaster form, and then you take the plaster form that’s a negative of the form,  and then you pull the form off of that and you have a final form.

That’s our language. 

So that gives a picture of the dilemma of form. What do we mean by that? We mean everything from the idea to the actual thing to a replication of it, to an image of it. So this form earth is the place where that replication of the potential for capacity happens. That’s a repository of the negative form that will resolve in forms that become form.

It’s a difficult language, but that’s because English is so poetic. There are multiple meanings for everything. So that’s the form Earth. 

For those four, the mineral earth, the liquid, the air, and the forms, Christ went down and redeemed the four elements, which is what we all have in our bodies. 

But then going in deeper, we get not just the elements, but we start to move into the congealed soul activities. So the next in sequence is what Rudolf Steiner called the fruit earth. The fruit earth consists of expansive growth at the expense of consciousness.

This is a hard thing to understand, but your consciousness as a human being extinguishes your life.

It uses it up. This is called nutrition, assimilation and excretion. The degree of consciousness that you bring and the quality of the food that you eat lifts consciousness, so that you become kind of destructive of the physical world as you move up in consciousness. This is why some people can get so high in consciousness.

They actually don’t have to eat anymore. They live in another dimension of substance. Now we’re getting to the mysteries of the soul. In the fruit earth, there is a great potential for understanding how consciousness diminishes life and makes a corpse out of life. So as Steiner says, there are potential burgeoning, teeming energies that are the archetypal source of all life.

All life arises from these teeming chaotic energies, which are in your GI tract, which is a jungle of stuff happening. There is a lot of work being done now because it alters your consciousness, the population in your jungle. It has a lot to do with who you think you are and who you think is the one that is involved with TheoBromine.

So your flora have a big input into the way in which the sensations around your digestion respond to that. I once had to do a candida fast for a year because of an overgrowth of yeast due to all kinds of stuff that happened in my youth. And I was on this fast for about a year and then I was going through Rally’s one day and I saw bullion cubes and something in me went, “Oh..” I went home and put a bullion cube in water, and it was so good. Then I was talking in class and I mentioned that I’d been really suffering on this fast for the past year, but bullion cubes were really great. Then someone very discreetly came up after class and said you know what’s in the bullion cube? It’s yeast.

So my yeast was dying and saying I needed some yeast. Go eat yeast! My jungle was saying to go over and get that because we need it. We need reinforcements. So that’s the fruit Earth: burgeoning forces. 

Rudolf Steiner said this is the source of volcanoes on the earth. It’s just out of control. Mangia. Mangia. (Italian for “eat.”) I’m going to eat Hawaii.

Then the next one down is the fire earth. Where up above there was will in the air earth. This fire earth down below is pure passion for having my way.

And that is a layer in the earth. Steiner calls it a passion layer that drives to get the next sensation. You can’t eat just one. I guess we could call it the potato chip level of the earth. Or the peanut level.

So Steiner says this consists of drives and instincts for pleasure and gratification. There is actually a level in the earth that has become solidified; it is the source of catastrophic forces that rise up and go rampant, such as weather phenomena and hurricanes. Now we’re down in the soul room.

These types of things are triggered by relationships, the angular relationships between planets.  I just found a quote in one of Steiner’s books about Kepler. Kepler says, if you really want to understand the soul of the earth – which is where we are now, we’re down in the solidified earth salt – you will not understand the soul of the earth unless you pay attention to how the weather responds to planetary aspects. 

So in that realm, when we get down here, the soul of the earth has received a kind of “use by date” from humans trying to free themselves from this dark force that arises. It’s the chaos force in the natural world.

Sometimes, especially here on the west coast, in tree-hugger world, nature is thought of as all benign. But it’s not all benign, just look at Fukushima. 

So we as humans look at those kinds of cascades and say it’s evil. But it’s not evil. It is dark and it needs to be penetrated because it’s an aspect of our own sense life in our own soul, a passion for more and more sensation.

Which is OK but we need to understand that when it is happening, then this is what’s happening in me. It is the consciousness of my flora. And that’s not even bad because candida is 40% of what takes over once you take a good hit of Cipro or a broad spectrum antibiotic. You kill everything except the candida because the candida has been given to you to keep you in business. But unfortunately the candida is voracious and eats all the other beneficials when they try to repopulate again.

And people are saying this is a source of all kinds of disease processes and autoimmune responses today. So the immune system triggers on the proteins that are created by the Candida. That’s how the TCE cells recognize I should kill this, or no, I should save this because this is actually part of the organism I’m trying to save. Passion. 

Science is finding these things, but if I said, oh, that’s part of the fire earth, you would ask, what? It’s just a different way of understanding what is happening in the world today. 

Next level is the Earth reflector. This is where the form that is contained at one level as a form is turned inside out and becomes the opposite. Everything that is formed is programmed to go to its opposite.

This is just a law of nature. For everything that is going in one direction, there’s a part of the earth that says no, I think you’re actually going to go in the opposite direction. You want to go over here but you end up over there. That’s a counter image of the form principle of the first action that has been solidified into the earth as the earth reflector, a quality of the earth that the earth carries. 

It says, here’s a process going and it’s going to go so far that it’s going to flip to its opposite. In consciousness that’s catharsis. It goes so far in one direction that you flip to the opposite and that gives you catharsis. You could call it healing, but there’s always a crisis.

The system has to go to chaos. In order to reverse. That’s the reflector. The opposite has to happen.

In the next layer, the earth fragmenter, all life is fragmented. As we get deeper into the earth, there is this aspect of the fall that gets so dense that it has to vaporize and annihilate everything and go to the periphery. If that didn’t happen, there would be no future. If you didn’t annihilate your sandwich, you would have a headache.

Because you need to annihilate that food in order that the wisdom of your organism can rebuild it back up in your own image. So you have in you a fragmenter that sends your sandwich into a whole other place, and if it doesn’t, then you have something called leaky gut syndrome.

So the earth has one of those layers of the fragmenter, but in the fragmenter everything gets reversed, including good intentions, including moral initiatives.

And with the fragmenter earth, when we get down into the soul of the earth that has taken the hit for these forces of chaos and darkness and catastrophe and annihilation, they become social and moral problems for us.

And Christ in the wisdom of being a member of the Trinity, had to come into the earth and say, “For all you beings in this part of the earth, there is new news. You’ll still have business, but the people up there will be able to redeem you because I’m going to put a seed there of the potential for them to realize that it’s their own sensation that is keeping the earthquakes happening.

And hence Steiner’s famous quote that it’s human consciousness that creates the weather.

Because human consciousness is unconscious about planetary aspects and they just amplify through the earth good things. And then we get Katrina.

There are laws around this and we have to talk to Pythagoras about how this works, but the earth responds to that because those parts of the shadow Earth are remnants of what used to be human consciousness that was fixed into the earth as a kind of corpse, and that had to be redeemed. And that’s the harrowing of hell.

And then finally, the earth core is the source of immoral forces. All of this prior stuff is amoral. It can still be nasty, but it’s amoral. But the core earth is immoral. It is discord and separation and hate. And the kicker here is that the forces of the earth core are used by black magicians. Here we get to the old mysteries and the new mysteries because black magicians used hate as the ultimate tool.

Because hate is the absolute opposite of love.

And the forces of the dark core of the earth can be used in such a way that they can be amplified and then projected and then we get to Ahriman and devices and the morality of devices. 

We’re free to create all kinds of stuff. But it’s like the sorcerer’s apprentice. You can start a lot of stuff. Can you stop it? Can you store nuclear waste products? Oh, we can buy them. Sure. Can you store them? Yeah. We’ll put it in this crack over here. You know, somebody else will have to worry about it. 

So this core earth becomes really critical today because of the need for transforming the immoral use of power.

So Christ on Holy Saturday went all the way down into the realm of black magicians at the core, planting the seed for the earth to become a new sun. In order for the earth to become a new sun, all matter has to be brought back into its state of form through imaginative consciousness having to do with humans redeeming their sense-life. 

When that happens, Steiner said there are whole technologies available to us that will work on normal human forces. Then there are technologies available that will work on the immoral forces of a human. But they always use the life of the human as the force, and there is all kinds of stuff written about that, such as John Keely and the Keely motor. Keely died of Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is like ulcerative colitis. He basically used up his digestive apparatus in the devices. In the beginning, that didn’t happen to him because he wasn’t involved in money. He was just creating.

But as he got devices, the robber barons bank-rolled him, and he started having visions of more and more precious metals to make the devices. They wanted a device that would bore a hole in the mountain to get gold. They wanted a device to make a flying saucer that would be able to transport the gold.

So they bankrolled him and he kept building the devices. But they wanted the devices to be made so that anybody could run them. Unfortunately, the only one who could work them was him. But as the devices got finer and finer, his morality for doing it became shabbier and shabbier. It became involved just in money, and the devices used him rather than allowing for that to happen.

This is Franklin’s time, but in Hebrew, it’s the goal. The device that I create then eats me. So this is in our future. There will be devices that may be made that run on moral forces because Christ harrowed hell on Holy Saturday. The question is, can I transform my senses to the degree that I can tell what is moral and what is not?

Let’s take a break.

Glyph Exercise – Purification


Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek, MFA, is co-founder of the Coros Institute, an internationally renowned lecturer, and teacher. He is the author of nine books, including the newly released Colors of the Soul; Esoteric Physiology and also Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. He regularly shares his alchemical, spiritual, and scientific insights at soilsoulandspirit.com.

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